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Why choose us?

1. Capacity

With a team of in-depth experience divided equally among the company’s service areas, we always ensure human resources to carry out any project according to customer requirements.

2. Outstanding Products

Brings high efficiency to investors and users. Minimizing costs and increasing profits, we focus on service quality and value that customers receive. Because before being a service provider, we put ourselves in the customer’s shoes to understand their wishes and expectations, thereby offering the best creative solutions to bring absolute satisfaction. for your customers.

3. Leading Technology

NANO-TECH products are developed and manufactured using the most advanced technology, helping to optimize performance and save energy. We are always committed to providing customers with high quality products and services, helping customers save costs and improve the performance of electric vehicles. We always innovate and research to come up with groundbreaking products, helping our customers innovate and achieve success in their businesses.


Typical projects


The project provides generators and servers for Viettel Group

Providing SGMS system for Quy Nhon Seaview Cup Tournament 2023

Providing Vision batteries for Communications Technology and Services Joint Stock Company



FLC Quy Nhon golf course


The interface is friendly, intuitive and very easy to use. Integrating many smart technologies helps operate the yard quickly, accurately and effectively. Unlimited number of accounts using the software.


Nguyen Thanh Duy


Long Bien golf course


The product is integrated with many smart technologies to help manage yard management quickly and effectively, saving time.